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Personnel -Technology
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The company "Personnel-technology" specializes in  IT- recruitment (Java, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Flash, AS3, Flex, C ++, C #, Objective-C, Python, Perl, SQL, QA, etc.. )

Terms fill a vacancy with a high quality of performance of services.
Your vacancy will be closed within 7-21 days, if you have an extremely complex and rare vacancy, it will be closed for a maximum of 1 month (Junior, Middle, Senior, Team lead, PM, etc ..). If we are faced with difficulties in closing the job, then we will be produced and proposed a solution which will enable us to quickly and accurately select the desired employee you (Start-up; Support-projects).

The success.
For 12 years we have signed more than 200 contracts and closed more than 800 jobs. Geographical coverage of the market amounted to applicants: Ukraine ― Russia, Belarus, Europe (Germany, France), the USA, Israel.

Geographical coverage.
The company "Personnel-technology" searches for candidates in all regional centers of Ukraine, as well as Russia, Belarus, Europe (Germany, France), the US and Israel.

Experience transfer of labor between regions
Ukraine and Russia, Belarus, Europe (Germany, France), the US and Israel.

Our methods of recruiting.
Search and selection of superior managers and middle managers;
Executive Search;
Head Hunting.

Selection methods:

-interview competencies;
-expert evaluation;
Checking and confirming recommendations.

We offer special advisory technology, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of our customers!


IT- recruiting: programming -development

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